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If I was registered for an OYL event last year, and it was cancelled, how do I transfer my entry?2020-10-30T15:38:17-04:00

If you already emailed rd@onyourleftracing.com to let us know which event you would like to transfer into, you are good to go. No need for any further action. If you have yet to let us know, please email us at Rd@onyourleftracing.com and let us know which event you would like to transfer into. Please include your registration confirmation number from the 2020 cancelled event.

If an OYL event is cancelled due to COVID-19 or any other reason, will I receive a refund?2020-10-30T15:37:37-04:00

If any OYL event is cancelled, we will allow you to transfer your entry to another OYL event of your choice. We will not charge any fee to transfer from a cancelled event. Due to the nature of how the business operates within this industry, cash refunds just are not possible.

What is the minimum age to participate in event?2018-11-02T16:42:51-04:00

All athletes must be at least 12 years old (by December 31) to participate in the event.

Can I pick up my friend’s packet?2018-11-02T16:42:22-04:00

No. Every registered athlete must pick up their own packet and show ID. The only exception is that a parent can pickup their child’s packet if they have to co-sign the USAT waiver.

What time does the transition area close?2018-11-02T16:41:50-04:00

Please see the athlete guide for the specific event in question. All time and wave start info will be located there.

What sort of bike is allowed?2018-11-02T16:56:18-04:00

Although road and tri bikes are most common, mountain and other bike types are allowed.

E-bikes, of any type, are NOT permitted.

Do I have to wear a helmet on the bike course?2018-11-02T16:40:53-04:00

YES – No Exceptions.

Do I have to wear a swim cap?2018-11-02T16:40:24-04:00

Yes, you are required to wear the colored swim cap issued to you for the race.

Are wetsuits allowed?2018-11-02T16:39:19-04:00

Per USAT rules, wetsuits are allowed when the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower. If it is 78.1-83.9 degrees, wetsuits can be worn but the athlete will not be eligible for awards.  If the water temperature is 84 degrees or warmer, no athlete will be permitted to wear wetsuits.  We anticipate our triathlon events to be wet suit legal. Water temperature will be tested in the days leading up to the race. Race morning we will take a final water temperature reading to determine wet suit options.

Will there be a Clydesdale and Athena Division in your event?2018-11-02T16:38:59-04:00

Absolutely! We would never leave out a division!

What is a one-day USAT license?2018-11-02T16:38:22-04:00

A one-day license allows an athlete to compete in a USAT sanctioned race without purchasing an annual membership. The $15 fee provides the (adult) athlete with excess accident insurance for that race only.  You can purchase this one day license (or annual) online when you register for the race. Visit USATriathlon.org for more information.

Is the event sanctioned by the USAT?2018-11-02T16:37:49-04:00

Yes, all of our events are sanctioned by the USAT and will observe all USAT rules. Everyone must have an annual membership or purchase a one day USAT license through the online race registration process.  See below for more information on the USAT one day license.

How many water stations are on the course?2018-11-02T16:37:19-04:00

There will be 1 aid station on the run course and 1 on the bike course. You will pass by these stations twice on each run leg and 4 times on the bike leg.

Is the event chip-timed?2018-11-02T16:36:51-04:00

Yes.  We use Auyer Timing with ankle chip timing.  All athletes will receive 6 splits. Results will be posted online at onyourleftracing.com as well as on iresults live. We will also have a live results tent on site

Are strollers, joggers, pets, etc allowed on the course?2018-11-02T16:36:05-04:00

Due to insurance purposes, the safety of all participants, and USAT Rules, we cannot allow strollers, joggers, pets, etc on any of the courses at all. Also, please do not allow anyone to “jump” in to cross the finish line with you. As fun as that may be, it is EXTREMELY dangerous for everyone involved.

Are there any refunds or transfers?2018-11-02T16:08:32-04:00

Sorry, all registrations are final; there are no refunds or transfers to other participants. Within 10 days of the event, you can transfer your paid registration to another future event, for a small fee. Please see the Transfer page for full details. If you are unable to do the event please let us know ASAP so someone from our waiting list can take your spot.

What is the race cancelation policy?2018-11-02T16:07:15-04:00

To ensure the safest event for the participants and all involved, we reserve the right to cancel, delay, or modify the format of the event at any time. Believe us, it would have to be a very, very SERIOUS and DANGEROUS situation for the event to be canceled. But in the unfortunate situation, this is required, there is a no-refund policy in place, as the majority of the costs have already been incurred to host the event and when associated, we do not want to take away any contributions to our charities. We expect you to be disappointed if the event is canceled, as we will be, but we also hope you understand why a no-refund policy is in place.

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